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Shipping to the Caribbean and Worldwide destinations

Shipping to Caribbean and worldwide destinations

Whether you are looking to ship barrels to Antigua or return home to Trinidad, Transpakship have been shipping to the Caribbean and other worldwide destinations, including Anguilla, Antigua, Dominica, Grand Cayman, Grenada, Guyana, Montserrat, St. Lucia, St. Maarten, St. Thomas, St. Vincent, Trinidad and Tobago or over 40 years and can offer advice and experience for the whole process.

Transpakship are able to offer a range of services for your Caribbean shipments and worldwide shipments, whether you want to ship Christmas gifts to friends and relatives or take advantage of our door to door services and full removal options.

What are my options for shipping to the Caribbean and worldwide destinations?

Transpakship are able to arrange a shipping service to most Caribbean and worldwide destinations, usually on a port only basis, although other services may be appropriate dependent upon the destination. We would advise you to contact us to check what services are available for your shipment to the Caribbean and worldwide destinations.

Shipping to the Caribbean and worldwide, port only (Ex arrival consignee) - This is the cheapest way of shipping to the Caribbean and other worldwide destinations and covers collection and shipping to the Caribbean, however all charges once the goods have arrived at the port will be the responsibility of the people receiving the goods in your chosen destination.

Shipping to the Caribbean and worldwide, cleared (Arrival cleared) - This method of shipping to the Caribbean is designed to make it as easy as possible for you to arrange your shipment. This service includes collection, shipping, wharfage and clearance in your chosen Caribbean destination. Although we try to cover as many charges as possible, we regretfully cannot cover Customs Duty. Using this service to ship to the Caribbean will mean that, with the exception of Customs Duty and any required storage, all charges will have been paid by the shipper. We advise you to contact us to check if this option is possible before planning your Caribbean shipment.

Shipping to the Caribbean and worldwide, door to door (Paid to destination) - Why not take advantage of our door to door service, and leave all of the hassle to us. As with the above shipping to the Caribbean, cleared, this service covers all of the charges with the exception of Customs Duty and any potential storage. Although attendance at the port in your chosen destination is still necessary, if you choose to ship to the Caribbean door to door, once the relevant Customs duty has been paid onward delivery to your residence will be arranged at the earliest convenience.

Should I insure my Caribbean shipment?

Although you can trust your shipments with Transpakship we do advise that insurance is taken out, to avoid any unforeseen problems and circumstances that can happen beyond our control. Please feel free to contact our office for the current comprehensive insurance rates we can offer.

What should I expect at the port?

If you choose Transpakship to handle your shipment to the Caribbean, our agent at the destination port will contact you, or your representative in the Caribbean, when your goods arrive to advise what day to attend the port to commence clearance. You will require proof of ID, such as a passport or driving licence and cash for any duty and charges payable. Certain ports may require additional information, please see news to check what information is required for your Caribbean or worldwide shipment.

I want to ship a vehicle to the Caribbean, is this possible?

It is wise to firstly begin with contacting the Embassy or High Commission of the desired country to establish what the duty rates are and how your circumstances fit the relevant criteria. From there we would be delighted to quote for your shipping requirements.

I am returning to the Caribbean as a returning resident, what should I do?

Transpakship have been helping people return to the Caribbean and worldwide destinations for over 40 years, and are able to arrange 20 foot or 40 foot containers to help you return home. We advise anyone thinking of returning to the Caribbean or other worldwide destinations to take advantage of our free no obligation consultation service.

Our representative will arrange a free no obligation visit to assess your individual needs, dates that you would like to travel and storage requirements.

Our thorough quotation will cover all additional requirements, whether you want to take advantage of our professional packing service, or storage offers in the UK, and we guarantee extremely competitive rates for all returning residents.

Our testimonials and news pages are full of happy customers that have used our returnee services, and we pride ourselves on our great service for returning residents and shipments to the Caribbean and worldwide.

For more information please call our team on 0208 763 2162 , 0161 241 0381 , 0121 270 2152 , 01623 441 445 or email