Exciting times at Transpakship International Ltd

Having just returned from Kingston, we have great pleasure in announcing our new agency agreement with Laparkan Jamaica in Kingston and will be offering a completely new service to you ,our UK customer. Our aim is to provide you with a more seamless experience, guaranteeing that you will recommend our services to family and friends. Some of you may know that there have been some massive changes in Kingston port and there is a brand-new warehouse extension with some amazing offi ces/facilities, bringing the service on the port into the 21st Century.

We will be offering three services, namely:

1) Ship to Port only, whereby we will ship your goods and you will go to the port to clear the cargo, going through the various stations, completing documentation formalities, paying for the clearing and handling, additional lifting fee, documentation fee and Government duty.

2) Express Service, Transpakship are the only Company in the UK offering this Exclusive Service. No waiting around all day, going through the laborious task of getting your goods cleared/inspected. No surprises, nothing more to pay***, just collect your goods and take them away. Within the price we will ship your goods, clear them, sort the Government port duty and any other administration fees. We will then move your cargo from the port and deliver it to our own private warehouse where you will be able to collect it.

3) Door to Door Service, this service is as in (2), with the exception that we will deliver to your home without you having to visit the port, saving you time and money and the hassle of having to break into your valued time on the Island to go and clear your cargo.

*** Important Note: With this new Express Service and Door to Door Service, your duty will be prepaid in the UK, however if you are shipping electrical goods, ipads, cell phones etc, you will have to pay additional duty at the port or when the goods are dropped to your door, after customs inspection.


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